NAS Oceana / Dam Neck Annex Navy Getaways

Fun, adventure and relaxation begins with Navy Getaways! Planning a family vacation? A class reunion or retirement? A weekend getaway? Navy Getaways has the right accommodations for your vacation style! Navy Getaways provides exciting recreational “Getaway” experiences for Active Duty, Retirees, NAF or DoD civilians and sponsored guests.  Navy Getaways are the ideal places to play, rest, relax, and recharge. From hiking, swimming, or simply unwinding, Navy Getaways caters to you and your family.

Dam Neck - Cottages at Dam Neck

DN • Bldg. 180 • Ph: 757-492-7053

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Dam Neck - Sea Mist RV Park

DN • Bldg. 196 • Ph: 757-492-7545

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NAS Oceana - Ocean Pines RV Park

NASO • 4160 Nimitz Dr. • Ph: 757-417-7140

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